V2 Supermodel

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After a first incredible season, the SuperModel returns with new improvements to become even more versatile while staying true to its original mission: A kite that lets you decide how you want to ride. At Reedin we believe that if a kite is good, it’s good for all types of riding and levels. The SuperModel is designed with the goal to have it react and fly to perfection. The main focus is to design a kite that is predictable no matter if you are riding a twin tip, a wave board, or a foil. The end goal is to take your riding to the next level and make your sessions more fun.

Wind range in knots
4m: 30+, 5m: 26+, 6m: 25+, 7m: 20>40, 8m:18>35, 9m:15>30, 10m:12>28, 11m: 11>25, 12m: 10>23, 14m: 7>19
Wind range based on 75kg rider using a 137cm Twin Tip board

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