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FeatherWing board

True flying performance

Damien Girardin has been designing wing boards on Maui since the beginning, fine tuning 100's of prototypes on the quest to build the perfect board and turns out, he did it. 

Damien has designed the Feather Wing to provide the most stability per square inch while maintaining a compact shape for maneuverability. He has been able to keep enough volume to make the Feather Wing a breeze for light wind winging. The custom triple concave bottom also allows for the smoothest touch downs possible by channeling the water through to the tail.

The Feather Wing line provides the perfect boards for the free-ride winger. Whether you are getting your first board or your tenth, getting your first rides to ripping down the line, the Feather Wing collection will help achieve your goals.

The Concave Deck provides the best platform providing ultimate comfort and a more secured stance. 

Homogenous floatation allows for better balance at low speeds while providing the best performance once flying.

Triple concave bottom provides the very best water flow while launching and when touching down. The two side channels release water all the way to the back of the board providing the best flow possible and least resistance. 

The convex nose allows for better aerodynamics, prevents water from accumulating and allows for maximum volume possible in the nose. This allows the rider to foil at lower speed and with more stability. 

Rounded Beveled rails ensure that touch-downs are the smoothest and the least disturbing possible.

Kick tail allows for fast take off by simply allowing the board to pitch up effortlessly.

Designer Notes By Damien Girardin

"The feather wing boards are the perfect boards for freeride winging.The compact outline for minimum weight inertia and better aerodynamics delivers maximum maneuverability, for the most fun."


Construction Features

Our boards are built to last using only the best materials:

Epoxy Carbon
PVC Stringers

PVC Inserts

Futures Boxes

EPS Core

Shape Features

Well thought through shaping features:

What comes with the FeatherWing Package?

- Futures Foil mounting rails

- Grab handle

- High textured full deck pad

- Auto venting valve

- Footstraps inserts for 3/2 straps options

- Leash plug

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