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Ride like Kevin

After setting itself as one of the very best Twintip on the market, the Kev Pro comes back this year with further developments. Our goal was to provide more grip, better pop and overall comfort. To achieve this, we changed our construction layup providing more reflex in the tips. You’ll be amazed by how easily the board rides thru choppy water and provides natural grip from your back foot without having to focus on loading it.


What Kevin Says

The tips are purposely lighter thanks to their thickness and the lamination in order to minimize inertia and give a very light feel. The extra thickness in the rail area creates a frame of added stiffness right where you need it the most i.e. between the feet and on the rail edging into the water where the maximum stress occurs giving you the highest responsive platform possible, while the recess close to the rail makes it easier to grab and hold the board. Thanks to its extra stiffness and specific shape, the Kev pro rides smaller than other boards, Kevin is 1m75 and 75kg and rides the 133. Mounted with our super binding you will certainly experience the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had.

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